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Performance Enhancement for Sports and Competition

We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body, so that you can live your best life and thrive at any age.

How does The Testosterone Replacement Clinic take a completely human approach to optimize their patient’s lives?

At The Testosterone Replacement Clinic, our primary goal is to take a functional, integrative and whole-body approach to your medical care. Dr. Whelan has been providing care in the Emergency Department for nearly 10 years, and his experience is that in America we are constantly practicing reactive medicine, meaning that we are treating patients who are already sick with illnesses that could frequently have been prevented. This is basically the equivalent of repeatedly putting a tiny bandaid on a large wound, providing an inadequate and temporary solution for a long-term issue. Our directive at The Testosterone Replacement Clinic is to provide care that both prevent disease and helps to reduce the burden on our patients’ lives that chronic disease causes. This doesn’t just include classic medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. We strive to help our patients be stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically, and to help them achieve specific goals that may have seemed unattainable without the proper support. Our ultimate goal is to help you not only safely extend your lifespan but also your health span. We want to help facilitate you feeling exceptional while doing the things that make you happy, whether that is having an excess of energy to spend time with your family and friends, feeling like an Adonis and fulfilling your sexual desires, exceeding your own productivity expectations and excelling at work, and even to optimize your performance in your hobbies including in sports or other competition. We are on a mission to make you feel superhuman in any endeavor that provides you happiness, regardless of your chronological age.

What is the first step to optimizing my physical performance?

The first step is providing you with expert resources to help you make changes in your lifestyle that optimize your short and long-term health, increase your cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular strength through exercise, optimize recovery by obtaining regular and adequate sleep, prevent disease, and reduce the burden that your medical conditions cause on the body. If our methods help to reduce the amount of medication you need to take while also improving the way your feel and your quality of life, we have taken the first step towards success.

How can The Testosterone Replacement Clinic help me with performance improvement for sports and competition?

Beyond lifestyle changes, The Testosterone Replacement Clinic is also here to provide you with options from the forefront of modern medicine to optimize your physical and mental performance in all aspects of life. Dr. Whelan has put together protocols utilizing longstanding and novel medical treatments to improve your strength, increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve physical endurance and stamina, improve the quality of your sleep, improve your mood and overall perspective on life, optimize mental focus and concentration, improve wound healing and decrease the time of recovery after injury. Although this does not directly follow the goals of traditional Western medical care where we treat the problems after they already exist, we believe that we can help our patients utilize all available resources to safely optimize every aspect of their lives and effectively roll back time, reducing problems or preventing them before they occur, and making them feel like they have discovered the fountain of youth. These changes not only improve your physical performance, but they can also improve physical appearance, sexual performance, mental clarity, efficiency at work, and general happiness in life.

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As an active Testosterone Replacement Therapy patient and experienced Medical Doctor, Dr. Whelan is proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, access, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all of his patients.

“From ultrasound to general western medication, functional medicine, hormone replacement therapy and optimization as well as medically assisted weight loss and men’s sexual issues, I empathize with all of the needs that my patients experience.” – Alex Whelan, MD, MSc, BS

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Dr. Whelan has been doing Emergency Medicine for 10 years and have a wide breath of expertise in traditional and western medicine as well as other non-traditional healing modalities. Our goal is to create a customized health optimization and longevity plan that’s right for you. 

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